Terms & Conditions

Upon signature of the booking form by any participant in this tour and formal confirmation of admittance, the participant agrees that the organizing agents of the tour Ayala Tourism & Travel Agency (Albayrak Turizm ve Otelcilik Tic LTD STI):

a) reserve the right of participation in the tour,

b) shall be entitled to make any arrangements for the issues of any ticket or coupon for transportation or for conveyance or for any accommodation as they in their discretion may think advisable.

c) shall not be liable, under any circumstances whatever and whether in contract or delict for any damage, injury (including death), loss delay or inconvenience of any sort whatsoever which shall be caused to any passenger whilst on any tour or journey or while a temporary resident in any foreign country as a result of any Organizing Agents to make satisfactory or any arrangements and whether caused through the act or default of any of the servants, agents or sub-contractors of the Organizing Agents.

d) Reserve the right, in any event of any participant causing annoyance, disturbance or damage, or acting in such a manner as to be detrimental to the operation or good order of the tour, or journey, to require such participant forth with to leave the tour. In such cases refunds (if any) will only be made at the discretion of the Organizing Agents.

e) In issuing or obtaining the issue of any ticket or coupon, or making any arrangements for transport or conveyance or for accommodation, act as agents only and shall not in any way be liable as principals.

f) Advise that their Couriers or representatives have no authority or permission to refund any monies paid or to give any right to claim a refund from the Organizing Agency.

g) Shall not be obliged to make any refund for arrangements specified in the itinerary and not utilized by the participants.

h) Cannot hold themselves responsible for the obtaining of refunds on lost or unused transportation tickets, although every effort will be made to claim settlement on behalf of passengers.

i) Advise that each passenger agrees that he, his heir, executors, administrators and/or assigns shall indemnify the Organizing Agents, its servants and agents from and against all claims for damages from any cause whatsoever to any person who may make a claim against the Organizing Agents, its servants or Agents or any sub-contractors of the Organizing Agents or any of them, whether loss or damage to property in the custody of the passenger or arising our of injury to, or the death of any passenger, whether or not such claim is based or alleged to be based on negligence of the Organizing Agents, its servants or Agents, or any sub-contractors of the Organizing Agents.

j) Reserve the right to cancel or abandon any tour. In such an event any monies paid will be refunded, less any expenses, disbursements or other commitments incurred on behalf of the passenger/s and in such event no further or other liability whatsoever will be accepted by the Organizing Agents. The right is further reserved to modify the tour in any way they think advisable.

k) Responsibility Clause: our overseas agents, operators of the tours, and the cooperating agents, act only in the capacity of agents for the passenger in all matters pertaining to hotel accommodation, sightseeing tours and transportation, whether by railroad, motorbus, motorcar, steamship, boat, airplane, or any other means and as such hold themselves free of responsibility for any damage occasioned from any cause whatsoever. They will not be responsible for any damage, expense or inconvenience caused by late train or plane arrivals or departures, or by any change of schedule or other conditions, nor will they be responsible for the loss or damage to baggage, or any other article belonging to the passenger. The right is also reserved to decline to accept any person as a member of these trips at any time. Because the program has been arranged six months or more prior to the arrival of the tour it may at times become necessary to make changes or substitutions due to unforeseen circumstances.

l) Reserve the right in the event they do not receive sufficient support either to cancel the tour or raise the price accordingly.

m) Reserve the right to amend the tour cost at any time should and re-valuation or devaluation occur in the Turkish Lira, Euro, US Dollar, or any other currency involved prior to, or after the date of travel.

n) Reserve the right to increase or decrease the tour cost, should there finally be an increase or decrease in the number or days to the tour. In addition, if there is an unscheduled extension or reduction of the tour for whatever reason, all expenses, for example, hotel accommodation, cancellation fees, will be for the participants account.

o) Airline Responsibility: the Airlines concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omission, or event during the time passengers are not on board the aircraft. The ticket in use by the Airlines when issued shall constitute the sole contract between the Airlines and the purchaser of the ticket. The airlines are solely responsible for all flying safety and insurance requirements and the flights are subject to the approval of the Department of Civil Aviation

p) No Liability on the part of the organizing agents arising in any way out of this contract in respect of any tour, holiday, excursion, facility shall exceed the total amount paid or agreed to be paid for the tour or holiday and shall in no case include any consequent loss or additional expense whatsoever.

q) Deposit: a minimum deposit of %25 is required at time of booking. The full balance is payable at least 30 days prior to departure unless otherwise specified at time of booking. There will be no contract between Ayala Tourism & Travel Agency (Albayrak Turizm ve Otelcilik Tic LTD STI) until a deposit has been received.

r) Cancellation: Should the customer or any one or more of the persons for whom he has booked the tour wish to cancel the tour, whatever the reason for such cancellations, the organizing agents must be advised thereof in writing under the signature of the customer. Monies paid are not refundable.

s) Price variations: The contract price is based on airfares, hotel prices and costs, and all other relevant costs ruling. In the event of there being any increase in any more of the a foregoing costs the scheduled date of the tour, such variations shall be for the account of the customer, and shall be added to the Contract price and shall be payable by the customer on request, as shall any increases in the contract price arising from fluctuations in rates of exchange between the date hereof and the scheduled departure date of the tour.

t) Cancellation by the organizing agents: in the event of the Organizing Agents canceling the tour, which it shall be entitled to do at any time before the scheduled date, the amount paid by the customer on account of the contract price shall be refunded to the customer.

u) Changes or reservation: it may happen that due to circumstances beyond the control of Ayala Tourism & Travel Agency (Albayrak Turizm ve Otelcilik Tic LTD STI) an itinerary or part of an itinerary will have to be altered (e.g. timing, routings, etc). If Ayala Tourism & Travel Agency (Albayrak Turizm ve Otelcilik Tic LTD STI) is obliged to make such amendments, these will be kept to a minimum and the client will be advised at the earliest convenience.

v) Passports, Vaccinations, Visas, Inoculations: The responsibility for the provision of current and valid passports, visas, inoculations and the like where required is that of the customer alone and Organizing Agents shall not be responsible or liable for any consequences of any nature arising from the customer failing to ensure that he has complied with all such requirements.

w) Indemnity: we will not release any documents without having received a signed booking form. The client hereby acknowledges that the tour has been booked and that all conditions are understood and accepted. Ayala Tourism & Travel Agency (Albayrak Turizm ve Otelcilik Tic LTD STI) will not be responsible for and shall be exempt from any and all liability in respect of any damage, loss, injury, accident, delay or inconvenience to any person or his luggage and the client hereby releases  Ayala Tourism & Travel Agency (Albayrak Turizm ve Otelcilik Tic LTD STI) and its agents from all such liability.

x) It will be the customers responsibility to reconfirm all flights at all times.

y) In the case of land arrangements booked with the organizing agents, the customer is to contact the local operator, contact numbers of whom are noted on vouchers or the organizing agents, while overseas, in case of problems encountered, queries or emergencies.